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Aunt Alyee’s Catering started in 2001 in a small space located inside Kress IGA in East Canton, Ohio, where Barb and Barney Kessler and Alyce Weiss officially began their partnership.  Alyce retired after a few years, but “Berd” and Barb are still operating the business, along with their daughter Shannon.

But the roots of the business go back much further when Berd started working in the catering department at (the long-gone) Carm’s grocery store on West Tusc. Despite the success of the catering department, Carm’s closed its doors and Berd took his talents to Smith’s Waco Market. It was there he met Alyce and the two were encouraged by Bill Smith, the owner of the market, to grow the deli business.

The catering business started when Berd catered Alyce’s daughter’s wedding in 1991. From there, a few more weddings were booked. And a new business and partnership were formed. Alyce became Alyee when a printer couldn’t decipher Berd’s terrible handwriting. So Alyce became Alyee.

Since then, Berd earned his degree in business management to help run the business properly. As a student, he met his wife Barb, who was also earning a degree as an adult. Barb’s keen understanding of the food business, along with her knack for accounting and bookkeeping created a natural partnership among the three.

Aunt Alyee's Catering Founders

Working together the three continued to grow the catering side of the business. The Berd-House Deli, widely known for dishing up fantastic breakfasts and lunches, was added in 2010. At that time Shannon joined the business, and is now managing the day-to-day deli operations and the catering, with a great team working alongside her!

Since 2016, Aunt Alyee’s Berd-House Deli and Catering has offered eat-in dining in its Vinyl Room and also in the Pepperland Porch, which was added in 2020. Both can also accommodate small private parties for special events. There’s also an outdoor patio space!  A wide variety of catering services continue to be available from to-go steam pans to customized menus for groups of all sizes!

OUR Staff

Berd & Shannon
Val & Jeannie
Pam, April & Leisa
Jeannie, Leisa & Stephanie